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Comparing an Epoxy Garage Floor to a Rubber Garage Floor

When it comes to garage floor covering, there are many options to choose from. Two of the most popular choices are an epoxy garage floor, and a rubber garage floor. What are the major characteristicsRead More...

Soft Rubber Playground Surfaces!

Any mother of active children can attest to the nursing skills they must possess in order to deal with the endless cuts and scrapes that are a product of children playing onRead More...

Rubberized Runners Mats

Perfectly suited for use inside of industrial buildings, but also easily applicable to a number of different environments, rubberized runner mats provide a safe surface to walk on in any location that might seeRead More...

A Rubberized Runner Mat is the Best Solution for Alleyway Surfacing

Alleyways come in all shapes and sizes! Some are narrow enough only to allow a one or two people to walk across them, while others can accommodate a whole car. In manyRead More...

Custom Fit Floor Mats—A Perfect and Convenient Fit

When it comes to flooring inside of corridors, hallways, or narrow aisles—you may think you have to gear up for a long and complicated processes. Honestly, no one wants to deal withRead More...