Alleyways come in all shapes and sizes! Some are narrow enough only to allow a one or two people to walk across them, while others can accommodate a whole car. In many areas where the primary form of housing is apartment buildings there will tend to be at least one or two alleyways surrounding the main structure. These areas tend to be safe for the most part until the wet or snowy seasons come around and then you’re dealing with puddles and mud. Suddenly the potential for slip and fall accidents goes way up! But employing the use of a runner mat is a great way to help reduce these potential risks. While you may think that specialized flooring will be hard to find for outdoor applications rest assured that rubber is an excellent choice! Rubberized flooring offers excellent value, resilience, durability, and maximizes slip protection in even the harshest environments! And the best part is that this surfacing option is actually perfectly suited to be used as temporary flooring, which means it can easily be removed when no longer needed making it great for seasonal use. Also, when it comes to protective surfacing, you also have to ensure that your flooring isn’t in fact going to present new risks. Custom rubber floor mats can be cut to fit the exact length you need rather than coming up too short or too long, which in the end can just cause more problems. Alley flooring must also be affordable, clearly define pathways, and of course it should offer the very best in slip resistant protection.

Here are 4 reasons why we are certain that a rubberized runner mat is a great choice for alleyways or any other pathway flooring applications.

  • Long-Lasting Durability 
    Rubberized runners will often employ recycled materials, the main source of which comes from discarded automobile tires. When it comes to a flooring option that can expect to see a fair amount of foot traffic, durability becomes one of its most important attributes. Tires are designed to be tough! They have to withstand the abrasive conditions of the open road such as constant exposure to sunlight, excessive and prolonged exposure to moisture, and rough or uneven road conditions. This strength is a true testament to this flooring options resilience and durability. So although you can use these mats as a temporary flooring option—they’ll definitely have a longer product life.
  • Outdoor Applications
    As we touched on previously, many rubber flooring options are made with the use of recycled materials. Not only will this make your custom rubber floor mats highly durable—it will also make them all-weather resistant. These mats will have inherited the same strength that automobile tires possess, meaning that come rain or shine, snow or gravel, they’ll withstand even the most abrasive conditions. On par with this is the fact that this flooring option will be able to standup against heavy foot traffic and all while remaining highly functional. And because of rubber’s natural resistance to water and the often richly textured surface of the runners themselves—these mats make great anti-slip flooring options.
  • Custom Sizes and A Range of Styles
    The design of your alleyway along with its shape will determine what type of flooring should be used. The existing floor’s surface, depth, and the texture of the existing path could all present different reasons why one flooring option might be preferred over another. A runner mat can come in a variety of gauges, and some options even come equipped with drainage holes which allow liquids to pass through, so there are a variety of choices. However, one of the most important things to keep in mind is acquiring a flooring option that is the correct length seeing as an excess of material could lead to potential trip and slip accidents. Custom rubber floor mats usually come in up to 50 ft. of length and can be cut into shorter lengths! Not only will this help you prevent risky situations, but it can also help you save money ensuring that you only pay for the amount of material you are going to use.
  • Easy Installation
    Because the use of a runner mat, especially in outdoor applications, may only be a temporary option it is very important to be able to rely on an easy installation and removal process. Rubberized runners require very little technical knowledge and can be installed by nearly anyone. They’ll require little else other than being rolled out and allowed to settle in the appropriate location. Removal will be just as easy, just ensure that the mat is clean and then you can roll it back up and store it for next season. The ease of installation and removal truly makes these mats a perfect temporary flooring option.

Custom rubber floor mats are affordable, thanks to their use of recycled material which greatly reduces the cost of production—these are savings that get passed down to consumers. A rubber runner mat is also reliable, durable, and can add a multitude of safety applications to any environment—from slip resistance to making pathways visible and distinguishable. Simply put, this is an excellent flooring option for any alleyway or outdoor pathway.