Any mother of active children can attest to the nursing skills they must possess in order to deal with the endless cuts and scrapes that are a product of children playing on concrete, stone, blacktop, or any other hard surface. A kid falling during any type of play is inevitable, and playgrounds, with such contraptions as monkey bars, swing sets, and jungle gyms are a hotbed for these injuries. The days of playground injuries, from falls, are fading as the trend toward rubber playground surfacing continues to grow. Regardless of where or what type of playground, a soft rubber surface provides the ultimate in safety flooring for our precious children. Rubber’s natural shock absorbing trait helps weaken the impact of a child’s fall on the outdoor playground flooring, minimizing the chance of abrasions. Rubber also increases the safety of your children with its high coefficient of friction reducing the chance of slips caused from wet spots. Rubber surfaces come in a variety of thicknesses, and colors, transforming a playground surface into another attraction for children. For example, kids’ imagination may see square playground tiles as a natural hopscotch court. Parents have enough to worry about, and lessening the chances for children’s injuries during play is a much-needed stress relief for any guardian.

While safety is the main and obvious reason for adding rubber indoor and outdoor playground flooring, the benefits do not stop there. Listed below are three other reasons to consider switching your current surface to softer playground tiles made of rubber.

  1. Surfacing as Tough as Your Kids.
    No need to worry about your rubber playground flooring giving out on you, most outdoor rubber surfaces are made entirely from 100% recycled tires. This eco-friendly solution to children’s injuries is used to the harshest of elements and surprise weather conditions. Outdoor rubber safety flooring is made from UV resistant elastomers making this a long-term solution for your playground regardless of the heavy foot-traffic it may see. This type of durability will keep your playground surface looking good as new for years to come, not to mention keeping your wallet happy by not having to shell out money for new surfacing or repairs any time soon!
  2. Spice-up your Backyard!
    An often overlooked, but very important, aspect of changing your surface is the new look it will give to your playground. A fresh new rubber surface can be bought in a variety of colors, shapes and patterns to completely makeover the entire look of your current playground area. The very bright colored playground tiles or speckled surfaces will assuredly be a hit with young children, giving them something more interesting to look at as opposed to uninspiring and dull, cracked and stained concrete.
  3. So Easy to Install, a Child could do it!
    Whether indoor or outdoor playground flooring, installation is extremely easy. Interlocking tiles simply snap together, while mats simply need to be laid out and the weight of the playground equipment will take care of the rest. This will save you a ton of money as installation requires almost no mechanical skills, and costs of this safety flooring are close to zero.

First and foremost a rubber playground surface offers children a much needed, added level of safety that does not exist with other surfaces. This is the number one concern for most parents or guardians and the importance of this cannot be overlooked. Furthermore, a rubber surface is a simple do it yourself project that will bring life back to that old playground and last for years to come. So join the trend and make the switch to rubber flooring for your playground!